This time last year, as IE looked back on 2016, our founder, Steve Marsh commented that it had been a critical year in building the foundations of our company, ready for the growth we had in our sights for 2017, while maintaining our core focus of providing meaningful value to our clients through our launch capabilities services.

We can’t believe another year has past, and so it is time to step back from what has been a busy year for IE and recognise all that we have achieved as a team.

Expanding IE’s Expertise

In this year’s reflection, Steve adds:

IE certainly has achieved the growth that we strived for this year, including adding expert members to our team and launching new services to our portfolio. However, the most pleasing growth we have seen this year is the increase in number of clients we have begun collaborating with, proving that we have taken a big step towards our vision of being the industry leading provider of launch capability services.

In fact, IE has seen a nearly 40% growth in sales, establishing strong partnerships with a diverse variety of companies within the pharma industry, ranging from small specialised companies through to top 5 global pharma companies.

Key Projects IE have collaborated on in 2017 with a diverse range of companies in the pharma industry

Inspiring Clients With Fresh Thinking

From the projects we have collaborated on over the past few years and recent client feedback, we can see that Ignite is rapidly becoming seen as the leading standard launch management platform for the pharma industry. We believe that the success of Ignite not only comes from its user friendly and intuitive UI, but also from our process of gaining feedback from users when designing new features, ensuring the platform is always providing the most up to date solutions for our client’s needs. For early 2018, this includes enhanced dashboards to meet the need for greater insights across launch plan & country progress.

In addition to the success of Ignite, IE are also delighted in the significant growth of the capabilities division of the business, where our team have provided counsel to build best practice launch plans and KPIs, and on how to effectively embed a launch vision within the culture of a team. Through several of these projects our team have observed the increasing need for ‘launch communities’ to be built within teams and organisations, in order to provide a solid foundation for brands to be successful. This insight and IE’s desire to support this need has helped shape our ‘Foundations of Launch Programme’ being launched in 2018 which encapsulates the cultural elements for a successful launch, watch this space for more details in the New Year!

A significant need that was raised during many discussions from 2016 into 2017, was for a simple way to assess launch capabilities and easily identify any capability gaps. IE found that 85% of people we spoke to believed their launch capabilities needed enhancing, but were frustrated that they did not know how or where to start. In order to meet this need, in September IE were proud to launch our LEx Catalyst Programme. LEx Catalyst assesses capabilities across the 3 key areas of Plan, Platform and People to provide insight into how your capabilities are performing and highlight recommend areas for enhancement. In just the last 3 months since launch we have been overwhelmed by the response to the programme, with interest ranging from local business units for country assessment through to global headquarters to assess the capability of their worldwide launches.

LEx Catalyst reporting on launch capabilities in Plan, Platform, People

Example LEx Catalyst Initial Report

A Global Reach

One particular element that our sales and accounts teams have enjoyed about the growth in 2017 is the increase in stamps in their passports! They have counted numerous trips to at least 6 different European countries, along with 3 trips to the US. Next in their sights is to add locations in the Far East and Australia to their 2018 travels in representing IE.

Continuing To Bring Value To You In 2018

In looking forward to 2018, IE aim to advance our vision further, by continuing to build strong relationships with current and new clients. As IE continues to provide our launch management platform and counsel services we also strive to increase the value we can bring to our collaborations through assessing launch capabilities and building launch communities within the pharma industry.

We’d love to hear from you with your thoughts on the future direction of launch capabilities; get in touch and discuss your needs with our team who are always keen to explore solutions.

IE would like to end the year by thanking our clients for a wonderful year of diverse collaborations! We wish everyone a great holiday season and look forward to continue working together on enhancing launch capabilities in 2018.