When Steve Marsh, our founder, and CEO, set up IE 16 years ago, he was determined to find a better approach to launch excellence. He had a ‘gut feeling that launch was the place to be’. Luckily for us, his instinct was right.

When he tentatively signed a pivotal piece of paper 16 years ago in an accountancy office in Sevenoaks, to formalise the creation of IE, he was venturing significantly outside of his comfort zone. An impressive career at Aventis preceded this, managing multiple pharmaceutical drug launches, including the blockbuster launch of Taxotere for breast cancer.

Steve experienced first-hand the complexities of launch. He intuitively understood the crucial role the ‘people’ and ‘resources’ played in whether a launch would succeed or not.

Sixteen years on from IE’s inception, the launch landscape has become increasingly specialist and complex. ‘Getting launch right’ has never been more important.

The IE experience

When I asked Steve why he thinks clients enjoy working with us, he shared a fantastic analogy: “The department store experience”…

Imagine you’re on the hunt for something specific. You have no idea which department it’s in and there’s no one in sight to ask for help. When you do eventually find someone, they point you ‘over there’, but by the time you traipse around 5 levels to find it, you discover that the item doesn’t live up to expectations and you feel deflated.

Now reimagine that experience.

This time, a friendly face welcomes you. They not only help you find the right department, but they swiftly lead you there in person. They really listen to what you want and deduce that there might be something even more suitable. Oh, and they gift wrap it too. That’s what the ‘IE experience’ is all about — a better approach to launch excellence.

The launch excellence experts

We inspire excellence in launch. We provide expertise in launch excellence counsel, capability development, project management and also have the ‘best in class’ launch planning and collaboration technology, Ignite™.

Steve would love to hear from you. Drop him a line at hello@ie-launch.com. He might be our CEO but he’s also a ‘friendly face’ and is as passionate today about supporting clients with launch as he was when he first started the company.