Last week IE endeavoured on a different kind of journey for us. Rather than our usual launch journey we set sail on a boating journey!

In order to keep communication and teamwork the best it can be in IE, we hold regular ‘Company Days.’ As well as sharing team successes with our colleagues and collaborating on ideas to ensure IE continue to work towards our vision of delivering innovative Launch Excellence to our clients, we also like to get out of the office occasionally and do something fun.

IE’s Commercial Director, Jason, has another keen love outside of work; his boat on the local river! He brought with him his most trusted member of the crew, Douglas the springer spaniel who allowed us passage for the afternoon, after sniffing out our credentials.

It turned out there is a lot more to boating than sitting back and enjoying the view, as we all found out when it came time to navigate the boat through the first lock.


Luckily some of us discovered hidden talents which were put to use for opening the lock paddles, equalising the water levels, navigating the boat through the gates and throwing ropes to those on shore to keep us steady. Once the team got to grips with the process, (some) peoples’ competitive sides came out, testing out who was the fastest at opening the lock paddles.

Throughout the trip we played to our team members’ strengths, for example giving the most technological responsibilities to our Digital Director, George. One such job was executing the lifting of an electric bridge…by pressing the green button (Do Not Press the Red Button!)

A couple of hours and 3 locks later, we arrived at a spot up river where we could disembark to explore the local surroundings and chat politics with some local fisherman on the banks. Following a quick rest, we turned the boat hard to port and, after minimal bumps and scrapes at the hands our first time navigators (no names mentioned) we arrived back to safety of our home port.

We all had a great afternoon re-enacting the life of a sailor but think we will probably stick to the day job! Jason will be repairing his boat for some time to come, so it may be a while until our next invitation.

Who knows what we will get up to on our next Company day? How do you engage your team or encourage cross collaborations? Do your methods also include water and lifejackets? Share your ideas with us or get in touch to discuss with our team how they can support you in your launch journey (sticking to the day job.)