While the leaves may be starting to fall off the trees, IE is still blooming. Budding a new product and gaining a new starter to help head it up.

My name is Holly D’Arcy and not only am I super excited to start with such an amazing team, but I am privileged to introduce you to IE’s new product ‘LEx Catalyst’, a process to assess your launch capabilities across three key areas: the Plan, the Platform and the People. In short, LEx Catalyst will help you determine where and how to enhance your launch capabilities and drive you towards launch excellence.

About me
With over 10 years’ experience in the Pharma and Health Industries across both the pre-launch and post-launch of medicines, I am thrilled to be supporting clients during the most important time point of a medicine’s lifetime, its launch! Along with the IE team, I will be on hand to help steer you through the assessment of your launch capabilities, to analyse and present to you the results and look forward to the point where we can discuss which activities could help you enhance your current launch capabilities.

About LEx Catalyst 

What do we mean by Plan, Platform and People?

  • The Plan describes the direction, activities, milestones and KPI’s driving launch
  • The Platform is about how the plan components are being captured, reported on and brought to life to enable decision making
  • The People describes the culture, attitudes and behaviours required for all to be engaged and live a launch excellence mindset.

Through IE’s 12+ years collaborating on over 100 brand launches, we have identified these 3 areas as key to influencing the success of a launch, which is why LEx Catalyst will focus on assessing these 3 areas to give us a clear understanding of where we may need to enhance your launch capabilities.

How did IE identify the need for LEx Catalyst in the pharma industry?

Throughout 2017, we met with contacts from multiple large and small pharma companies throughout the UK, Europe and the US. From our discussions we found that 85% of people we spoke to believed their launch capabilities needed enhancing, but they were frustrated that they didn’t know where, or how, to start.

With the pharma industry being an ever-changing environment, and increasing pressures on launch teams to launch right first time, we believe the first step towards launch excellence is to understand your current launch capabilities; assess, enhance, review, repeat!

So how will LEx Catalyst help you?

Whether you are involved with a local, regional or global launch team, LEx Catalyst gives clear awareness of your teams’ strengths and weaknesses. We don’t only highlight the areas where enhancement is needed for launch success, but we also work with you to put together a recommendation of how to enhance these areas with a plan that works best for you.

LEx Catalyst will give you:

And how will the process work?
Throughout the LEx Catalyst process, our team will utilise diagnostic tools including an online survey, in-depth discussions with team members and their expertise to gather information. This will allow us to determine how your launch capabilities are performing against your own ambitions and benchmark them against similar launch teams in other companies. View an example overview of our survey results.

Interested in learning more about LEx Catalyst?
Find out more about LEx Catalyst on our website or get in touch with our team at lexcatalyst@innovative-edge.com!