In our constantly connected world, answers to most questions are just a search or post away allowing a decision to be taken shortly after.

What if these questions relate to launching pharma products? E.g.

  • ‘How could we improve the way we launch brands’
  • ‘What should we focus on to make our launch capabilities industry leading’
  • ‘What areas should we be focusing on to improve what we do’

When would you expect to get an answer? … a few weeks, a month or two, longer perhaps?

Would getting an answer just a few hours after you asked the question be valuable? Especially one based on real insights and data along with a benchmark of how you compare to the rest of the industry?

Let me share a recent experience. A Global LEx Department from a large Pharma asked this morning “How could we improve our launches?”, or put another way, “What are we not doing very well”?

This afternoon we sent back the answer in a one-page initial report. It clearly identified two key areas they were struggling with:

1. Defining and implementing the right KPIs.
2. Sub-optimal best-practice sharing across the teams and countries.

It took 4½ hours to:

1. Send the key team members our LEx Catalyst on-line survey.
2. For them to fill it in.
3. For us to respond with an initial report.

It looked a bit like this.

Clearly, there is a lot more data behind this that we can chew over and do more analysis on. But we know where to look, what to delve deeper into, and therefore, how to support them in building solutions that will enhance their launches.

Together, we could beat 4½ hours!

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