Carolyn shielded at home, alone, for 4 months during the height of lockdown.

Her government shielding letter advised her not to leave home at all, not even to walk a dog, or to exercise. Food and essential supplies had to be delivered by a team of volunteers.

“Work colleagues kept me going”, she said. “I could still work from home and talk to people. Otherwise it would have been very lonely”.

Since that very difficult time, Carolyn has not only impressed us with her passion to design and host a variety of virtual IE team quizzes, she has also demonstrated courage by taking on additional work responsibilities outside of her comfort zone.

“I didn’t think people would notice, because the results of (QA) website testing are often about what you don’t see, not what you do see” she said.

But notice we did!…

We are very proud to announce that Carolyn has won our latest ‘Employee of the Quarter’ – as voted for by her IE teammates:

“Carolyn was probably affected the most by lockdown, but she picked herself up, got some support and is fully immersing herself in getting the team engaged with all things ‘testing’ to ensure our development (of Ignite) is of the highest quality”

Fantastic display of Courage, Team and Passion” (our 3 company values)

“Carolyn’s work makes us stand out from the crowd. The clients may never know what has gone on behind the scenes to achieve this, but we do”.

With a BSc in Civil Engineering, and a natural creative talent (see her fabulous sketch of our Oast House office here), Carolyn is the perfect fit in her role as ‘Ignite QA tester’ in our Launch Implementation Development team.

When I asked Carolyn to explain in layman’s terms what a QA tester does, she said “Every time you click a button on a web-based application, it should take a second or so to load. What you don’t see is the endless hours a QA tester spends behind the scenes on that one button – generating test data and creating a range of automated tests to ensure everything on the application runs efficiently and smoothly”.

Ever modest, Carolyn admits she was ‘gobsmacked’ to win the award, but she is also adamant that “everything we do in IT is teamwork”, and what better teammate could there be than Carolyn.

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