As a team who is passionate about Launch Excellence, IE understand that one step along the journey to achieving a state of Launch Excellence, includes a foundation of Launch effectiveness.

With this topic in mind, the IE team wish to share with you a thoughtful article from this month’s Pharmaceutical Market Europe magazine, which was written by, Kaush Gandhi. In his article, Kaush explores being effective in the context of the current pharmaceutical environment where teams are increasingly pressured to maximise revenue whilst maintaining a high quality launch.


“There is surely nothing quite so useless as doing with great efficiency, what should not be done at all” is one quote from Peter Drucker that Kaush draws inspiration from in his article, to explore the effectiveness needed throughout brand teams when launching a product. Effectiveness comes in the form of understanding which activities, and capabilities deliver impact and value for teams, to result in a successful launch.

IE complement this powerful sentiment by utilising our launch expertise to provide tailored facilitation services including launch roadmap validation and feasibility, KPI implementation and reinvigoration, and team healthchecks to establish launch capability effectiveness and optimisation. IE’s digital launch management platform, Ignite, also embeds these key activities within an intuitive tool which engages teams throughout the entire launch lifecycle, giving the confidence of getting launch right, each and every time.

To discuss how IE can work with your team to bring effectiveness to your launch capabilities, get in touch with the team here.

For further insights into Launch effectiveness on the road to Launch Excellence, read the full article here or visit PME’s digital edition