Drum roll please, as this month it’s Alison who has been awarded our employee of the month. Alison has been pipped to the post the last couple of months but has fought off the competition brilliantly striding over the finishing line a clear winner.

For many clients, Alison is the key face of IE as their Relationship Manager. This month’s recognition only scratches the surface of all the work she’s put in during 2019 to foster new relationships, build trust and embed true partnerships within our growing client base.

It’s only fair to give Ruby a mention too as Ruby plays an important part in many of our internal brainstorm phone conferences. A short burst of barking and instantly we’re all listening to what Alison has to offer and suggest. It’s either genius from Alison, or a very bright dog.

From the comments from her colleagues I’d go genius:

“She just rolls her sleeves up and gets on with things no matter the challenge. Plus, she has such a lovely manner with clients that they can’t help but be nice and charming back!”

“Her tireless pursuit of new leads, taking on some really big meetings and Ignite demos to support the consulting team at really short notice”

“Being on top of everything across our clients and internal team. Looking for new opportunities, running 1st solo Ignite demo and totally immersing herself in the IE way – awesome”

“She is a great spirited colleague who always brings a smile to my face with her positive upbeat work ethic.”

Alison is a rare find and one we truly treasure. Her attitude, care towards clients, focus on solutions and drive to ‘get it right’ keeps us all on our toes, making sure we also aspire to her high standards. This approach is reflected by the successes she’s enjoying from her clients. They are all growing and trusting IE to guide them through both consulting projects such as Launch Initiation & Kick off workshop, and with Ignite, expanding use into new areas bringing launch alignment and visibility to new brands and countries.

If you would like to find out more about our work or simply pick our brains on what best practice looks like today when launching in pharma, please drop us a line or pick up the phone. We’d love to hear from you!

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