June saw a landslide victory for Jamie who was awarded our Employee of the month. Everyone in IE gave Jamie one of their two nominations and rightly so.

Most will know Jamie as our Service Desk Analyst helping clients with  Ignite™ queries and competently loading precious launch project plans into Ignite so launch teams across the world can get to work on delivering them but in June not only did he have to hold the fort whilst others were on annual leave, we also gave Jamie an extra challenge in taking on our internal IT services and it was an opportunity he grasped with both hands and is flourishing with his added responsibilities.

He is proactively ensuring all our IT equipment has the latest software on and are working optimally and even held a lunch and learn session imparting all his valuable knowledge on demystifying the technical jargon around tv’s, phones, computers and other electronic devices. For those that know Jamie the lunch and learn was quite outside his comfort zone but he did a fantastic presentation pitched at just the right level – in fact it was such a success that he has now become personal shopper for some of our team when buying a new television etc.

Some of the many great comments:

“For all his calm and efficient support with the Ignite plan uploads. He’s also been incredibly helpful with any ad hoc IT issues or queries and just a general rock”

“for wearing so many IE hats this month- from disappearing through the ceiling to supporting on the plan loading work, to onboarding a new starter and always being a total team player”

“He has been exceedingly well organised recently from my point of view, gathering all the information from us on the type of dev machine we needed to replace the mac, finding solutions, organising the handover of my mac and set up etc. He discovered the problem with the screens and raspberry pis, figured out a solution and repaired the screens. This is great to have data on the screens now in the dev den. It is a challenging role to do these tasks and Jamie not only did these professionally he also kept on with his own service line duties, i.e. correcting phone line issues, handling client calls and ignite plan tasks, setting up Jess’s desk and machine, etc. He has worked very hard recently and I think he should know it’s not going unnoticed”

“He has successfully taken on the additional responsibility of looking after the phones, PCs, infrastructure etc. His expertise in these areas have been in-valuable and he is always willing to help and be pro-active, for example fixing the long out-standing screen cable issue in the Hoppers barn”

“doing a sterling job with entering the many Ignite Plans we had this month all by himself and whilst holding the fort of the services team still finding the time and solution to connect the wall monitors as well as preparing Joe’s and Jess’s laptops thereby turning into a star sysadmin”

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