It is not surprising that Hans has been voted employee of the month after some fantastic feedback following the latest release of Ignite™. Hans was instrumental in the design and development of the new reports, in which he provided a bespoke solution for exporting the Ignite Gantt reports to PowerPoint. Now although this was an extremely complex and challenging task, Hans took to the project with his usual gusto and tenacity.

From developing satellite communication systems to fintech applications, Hans now leads the architectural roadmap for Ignite. With an analytical and engineering approach Hans can see opportunities in the most hidden and overlooked areas that have huge impacts in productivity and creativity, capturing true value for both end users and the organisation.

His forward thinking and strategic planning, not just in technology but in project management too really bring out the best in the team, inspiring a culture of innovation, out of the box thinking and constructive questioning that allows the operational, consulting and digital strategies align.

Hans is a fond lover of chocolate and maths which bodes well for the office as we are never out of chocolate and we have our very own human calculator to hand. With a keen interest in data science he hopes to bring advanced features and tools to the launch excellence space propelling IE into the AI arena.

Hans Maatman

Here are just some of the many comments as to why Hans has won this month:

“…for producing the superb ppt export reports in Ignite. This is industry leading work and is quite simply, amazing! Well done and thank you.”

“He has been so helpful and patient in many areas and I don’t think people get to see just how much he does to support the team”

“… for diligently managing the continued development of Ignite and keeping the ships sailing in the process.”

“Hans has not only overseen multiple projects and their progress, but he has also been in the trenches developing code. The code and features that he has designed and built has been extremely challenging. Alongside code dev he is constantly thinking ahead with the direction of technology. These take a lot of focus and drive to keep on track of everything. He does this silently and with a positive attitude whilst helping the whole team to learn and grow.”

“…for mind-blowing PowerPoint export wizardry.”

“…for his great work and effort in doing the functionality to export reports to Power point. Truly appreciated.”

“…for the new Reports in Ignite. It is being very nice to see all the people introduced to it delighted and already looking forward to using it. That is the way forward!”

“…for the great work developing a unique and very difficult technical challenge, which regularly threw up new obstacles, but Hans showed great persistence taking each one on with his usual enthusiasm.”

“Wonderful blend of strategic / visionary thinking about the future possibilities of data from Ignite and it’s value to Launch…. with an amazing tactical output of work to deliver the PPT outputs that significantly enhance our offering to clients.”

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