Through our series of blogs describing how the design of IE’s global pharma launch management platform, Ignite can support each level of stakeholder throughout the launch lifecycle, we have talked about the need for clarity of local users and how to support regional coordination. As a launch is a collaborative process, all global, regional and local teams should be aligned on their priorities and objectives.

Global teams not only have to carry out their own activities to ensure the product launches successfully but also need to ensure the countries and regions launching are provided with the supporting resources to carry out the launch with a consistent vision and understanding.

In order to allow for ease of separating global and local plan types, Ignite’s plan creation wizard has been designed with multiple frameworks in mind. This allows tailored plans to be cascaded from the global team in order to ensure priority activities are included in every country’s plan while also allowing for relevant additions for specific country activities.

Part of a global launch teams’ responsibility is to monitor the overall progression of the product launch through each country. IE’s global pharma launch management platform, Ignite allows quick views of progression through the dashboards, KPIs, and also our activities completed overview. The activities completed overview allows stakeholders to compare progression across departmental areas of each country immediately in one table.

Country Activities

Colour coding compares all countries’ progress with global

The ability to track and monitor progression of activities is useful for global teams, but as we mentioned in our local clarity blog, the engagement of local and regional teams depends on the intention behind the implementation of such a tracking tool. Therefore, IE work with companies to ensure local and regional stakeholders are supported by the tool and their global stakeholders.

IE’s design of Ignite in order to align all stakeholders of a product launch, has come from our many years of working within the industry, and collaborating on launches within small and large scale Pharma organisations. This has meant that we understand the needs of the stakeholders and ensure the platform contains all you need to carry out an efficient, cross-functional launch, with confidence.

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