My recent trip to Munich for the European Congress of Endocrinology opened my eyes to the timeliness, precision and beauty of Germany. The trains were on time, the food was amazing (Sauerkraut and sausages again please) and the Glockenspiel in Marienplatz moved exactly when it was supposed to. If only more aspects of our lives could be so well timed and executed. In fact, something that IE aims to assist clients in is their focus and optimisation when executing launch tasks. How convenient!

I had the absolute pleasure of networking at the ECE congress. There were high levels of energy and everyone that I spoke to was eager to help, share and take the time to engage in conversation. I was lucky enough to sit down and have lunch with a Senior European Brand Manager which again just reiterates to me that we are all human, striving to succeed in what we do and are more than happy to share a good conversation. The face to face interactions at congresses are not only a fantastic learning experience, bringing the most up to date research and developments in our industry to the forefront, but also are an opportunity to spend time engaging with colleagues who are very time short in their roles, in an environment where the whole aim is to talk.

I’ll be also visiting the WCGIC later this month in Barcelona and would be thrilled to sit down (or stand), share our experiences within the Pharma launch space and engage in further quality conversations.

Krys Nowak

Business Development Manager, Innovative Edge

+44 (0) 1892 825110