At IE, one of the things we do is collaborate with clients on assessing the health of their launch plans and setting relevant trackable KPIs (Key Performance Indicators.) This process starts with a health check, assessing the engagement of launch activities throughout the organisation and comparing them to desired trajectories. Once this has been laid out the launch plans can be finessed and relevant KPIs set in order to track the effectiveness of the launch plan as well as the outcomes leading up to and in to launch.

At the moment, I have been carrying out my own personal health check and setting performance goals. Not being one to do much exercise in the past, I had to start by assessing my current engagement with exercise if my goal was to increase my fitness. The answer was pretty much none. So fairly easy to come up with a plan – start exercising. Inspired by the current popularity of free parkruns with runners of all abilities, I built up the courage and went along.

Over the initial runs, my performance tracking has moved from how much of the course I can jog without stopping, to not coming in last place, and now to actually monitoring my time progression. Each week I aim for a better time than the week before. This has even culminated in me signing up for a 5k charity race in a month’s time.

What has helped me in my progression towards my goal is the visualisation of results. I have an app (there really is one for everything) where I can plot my runs, how far and fast I’ve completed them in and a graph of my overall progression.

Visualisation is a big motivator and can give clarity for progression. IE’s digital platform Ignite also provides visualisation for launch teams through features such as our KPI tracking suite and colour coded GANTT chart to show activity progression against the launch timeline. This gives the launch teams a real time impression of progression on individual activities while our dashboard reporting can also give launch leads an understanding of overall progression within timescales.

What motivators do you engage with when aiming towards your personal or professional goals? How are you tracking these?