Exercise, family, relaxation, and nature. What do they all have in common?

They are the popular threads that run through our #HelloYellow stories.


Today we are supporting YoungMinds – IE’s Charity of the Year – to raise awareness of World Mental Health Day and their #HelloYellow campaign.

We asked our team to share a slice of something yellow that made them smile. Here are their stories…

#HelloYellow stories – what makes you smile?

“My beloved yellow Tour de France notebook. Combining my love of lists and detailed meeting notes to keep me calm and organised with my love of all things cycling!” – Kate

“My swimming hat! Each week swimming is time to focus on myself and exercise has always been vital for my mental health.” – Jess

“Nothing beats a run when you can watch the sun rise or set. It’s on those dark wet days when you close your eyes and imagine that scene again, a little smile creeps across your face.” – Steve M

“Yellow duck. Our eldest son who is autistic used to struggle to have a bath with his noisy, splashy, little brother. But we persevered. Now they love their baths together and it melts my heart ?” – Lottie

“The yellow object that makes me smile (and feel super proud) is my new GK shirt. Football is not only something I share a passion with my children, it is also a little bit of time for me to get out in the fresh air, do some exercise and get a real sense of team – we win and lose together!” – Helen

“Batman controller. Always remember you don’t need superpowers to be a hero, you can choose to be one in this world or another! ?” – Kelvin

“Signed shirt from one of the greatest football players of all time. What’s there not to smile about? ?” – Liam

“A book! I try to read regularly as it helps to relax, wind down, and take some time out of the often-hectic day”– Shivan

“Yellow helmet – It makes me smile because it reminds me of riding my bike ?” – Dave M