Holly D’Arcy, in our consulting team, shares her thoughts about why it has become increasingly important for our pharma clients to be more agile in the execution of their launches.


The Pharmaceutical launch landscape is rapidly changing. More launches are happening in less time with fewer resources. As a result, clients need agile pharma launch solutions to help them deliver launch excellence more efficiently.

“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change”  — Stephen Hawking

There are a number of ways that we, at Innovative Edge, help clients adapt their launch processes and plans to deliver more intelligent and agile launches.

1. Dialling up or down the resource needs per launch
We help clients review their launch priorities and market potential to assign the right number of activities and resource per market, enabling each market to effectively execute their launches within the timelines available.

2. Delivering an aligned and consistent launch to avoid wasting resource, time and money
Clients frequently need our help in delivering consistency across all markets and all launch brands. When timelines are tight and resources are light, clients want to negate the need to duplicate efforts, they want to avoid wasting time or resource and they certainly do not want to deliver launches of varying degrees of success.

At Innovative Edge, we typically run workshops with client launch teams to:

  • Agree and align launch objectives
  • Define the critical activities needed to complete for their markets
  • Agree ways of working and roles and responsibilities.

With these parameters agreed and aligned, teams are in the best place to deliver consistent launch excellence.

Our Initiation & Kick Off Workshops are becoming one of our most demanded activities for 2019. Given the opportunity, we strongly recommend running these workshops right at the beginning of the launch project lifecycle – at the Initiation phase – to ensure the full cross-functional launch team start the launch process, fully aligned behind a shared ambition, goals and objectives.

Workshops can be adapted for Global, Regional and/or Local cross-functional brand teams. We ensure the content and format of the workshop is adapted and tailored to suit client needs, objectives and desired outputs.

However, in the essence of being more agile ourselves, and so we are ready to roll these out for more and more clients, we commonly follow the below simple but very effective model to deliver the best results.

Our workshops give launch teams the clarity and direction they need to focus on their day-to-day launch deliverables and to give them the space and mindset to course correct launches and be more agile in their delivery, rather than wasting time or effort trying to understand what the activities should be, who should be completing them, and how they should be executed.

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Holly D’Arcy is our Consulting Solutions Lead here at IE. She sees first-hand how clients benefit from optimising their launch processes. With her analytical mind, Holly loves to diagnose clients’ challenges and help provide solutions that will drive them towards launch excellence.