According to the Project Management Institute, poor communication is cited as the number one reason why projects fail.

This is also backed up by feedback we frequently hear from new clients when they first approach us:

“I’ve got 18 months until launch and I don’t have the plan or the resources in place and the team aren’t working well together”  Senior Leader – mid-size Pharma Co 

Technology sits at the core of implementing­ launch today. It empowers teams to connect and collaborate across multiple workstreams, whilst aligning cross-functional milestones and activities against the wider launch ambition. With real time updates, tracking and progress monitoring can enhance decision making across all levels of an organisation delivering true confidence across the team.

When you analyse the sheer number and complexity of projects in the pharmaceutical industry, it is clear why drug launches carry some of the highest risks associated with project failures. This indicates that the right technology is a critical factor for success, regardless of plan and objective types, launch implementation technology offers numerous benefits.

  • Enhanced collaboration 
  • Increased transparency
  • Streamlined processes
  • Improved productivity
  • Improved team focus and effectiveness
  • Provides a wealth of performance data for business decisions

Launch Implementation Technology needs to be built around the user, their team and how they need to interact with it. Geographically scattered cross functional teams, complex interconnected plans, a recursive loop of reviews and updates can quickly overload more generic options. 

In the current climate of our changing work practices due to COVID-19, technology can underpin everything and be at the core as the one stable anchor connecting all to the launch programme. It becomes the catalyst of communication.

Ignite your Launch Success

IE’s launch Implementation technology Ignite has fuelled thousands of individual launch plans for over 10 years. Initially designed by pharma executives it is now constantly evolved by our clients to ensure it delivers exactly what is needed in an intuitive way, to drive team engagement and confidence in launches.

“Before we had Ignite we had to struggle through numerous Excel spreadsheets. MS Project might be good for one thing, but that one thing is it! The great thing about having a partner in IE, is that we talk as a group, nail down what is key…this helps us to make smart decisions”.

—Senior Marketing Director, Sanofi. 

However, whilst a critical component, technology only gets you so far. Interconnected components such as the Launch Plan content, KPIs, project management and collaboration across the team all need careful consideration and all these elements combined create the EcoSystem of your launch.

With Ignite sat at the core of the EcoSystem, all these components and associated workstreams are in one place with no duplication in different formats and reports. Whether a senior executive looking for a snap-shot of the launch status to a country project manager focusing on the critical components for completion this month, all have real time access and information at their fingertips.

IE’s team of Launch Implementation Developers are passionate about ensuring Ignite is THE leader in launch technology and we are continually evolving Ignite to exceed expectations. With this in mind, we continue to listen to our clients and their needs and have recently added the following new features to our system to further optimise launch plan success:

  1. Cross-plan dependencies 
    This feature enhancement allows users to select or link dependencies from one plan to another within their product and/or across plans within another product. One change by Global can now be cascaded to ALL linked countries in one click – just one example of how it drives simplicity.
  2. New reports and features
    Three new reports provide a Gantt style view of your plan, a customizable report on activities in your plan and a high-level report on your product. All reports include the ability to export to multiple formats. Decide what information Senior Management would like to see, and simply repeat when they ask – information they want to see, at the click of a button.
  3. Auto-scheduling in the Gantt chart 
    This feature allows those with the correct permission to move activities within the Gantt and automatically update their dependents or successors within plans, within products and across products. This takes the guess work out of ensuring who to contact when something is delayed, and it intelligently gathers up any slack minimising impact on the overall plan.

When Ignite is fuelled by optimised launch project plans, KPIs and ways of working, collaboration and communication take on a new level. 15 years of partnering pharma launch implementation has taught us much, but there is still more to learn. Be part of our community, start the conversation with us today and learn more about the EcoSystem approach to implementing launch. 

Our Launch Implementation Partners would love to share ideas, case studies and best practice on how technology beats at the heart of implementing launch. We also would like to hear how you think big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence could be woven into the mix and further our ability to improve launch success. 

Contact us today –, and join many others helping to redefine how Ignite™ drives their launch implementation.