Teams that play together, stay together! This week we celebrated IE’s 17th birthday with a team day at IE’s Oast Office HQ. We enjoyed Olympic game activities, chats in the Kentish fresh air, and cupcakes galore.

‘Team’ is one of our core values at IE. That’s why it’s so important for us to dedicate time together for team activities, especially after the limited opportunities to do so in person since the Pandemic.

IE's 17th birthday
IE’s 17th birthday celebrations

The past, present, and future of IE

17 years ago, when Steve Marsh, IE’s Founder and CEO, started IE, he had a bold vision to create a better approach to launch excellence. One that intuitively understood the crucial role the ‘people’ and ‘resources’ played in whether a launch would succeed or not.

Today, it is safe to say that we more than exceeded this goal. Our unique EcoSystem™ approach to launch excellence, with a focus on teams, technology, and plans, has transformed the pharmaceutical launch landscape for the better.

As we look to the future of launch excellence in pharma, we anticipate there will be more pressure to launch faster with an agile, aligned launch model, and clearly defined outcomes. That is why a simplified, consistent approach to launch excellence will become even more important.

Find out why so many pharmaceutical companies and biotechs rely on us to help them prepare for future launches:

We ‘Inspire excellence by simplifying launch’.

PS We love to support local businesses. If you’re tempted by the cupcakes in the picture, they were created by the talented Jo at The Flourcloud.