Assessing your launch plans and launch team effectiveness is usually a process which can be time-consuming and overwhelming. For a team that has deadlines and targets to meet, any time out to reflect may not seem valuable. However, taking a moment to look at certain aspects of your launch readiness can highlight areas when time and budget could be saved, or needed! Having an informed healthcheck, we can support future direction.

From IE’s experience, we have put together a set of specific questions, in order to give you an insight in to the status of your own launch readiness. This assesses 3 core capabilities of a launch team – the plan, the platform and the team culture.


After 5 minutes of answering the questions, you will receive an instant read out of your results. This will give you an overview of your launch readiness rating and also additional details such as a launch capability mapping and team energy diagram. The answers you give and your results remain confidential to you. You can answer as an individual or share the assessment within teams to see a consolidated report covering the whole team’s answers.

IE have created this Launch Readiness Healthcheck as one method for organisations to start on the journey of better engaging launch teams, aligning launch plans and sharing experiences as best practice grows. As always, our team will be on hand to answer any questions you may have about your results and what they mean for your launch.

Take our Launch Readiness Healthcheck on our website here