Our Business Development Manager Krys has recently returned from attending ESMO 2016 in Copenhagen. As soon as he came into the office he wanted to share all the things he had learnt from fascinating discussions from industry experts. He shares some of his thoughts after his experience:

quotes2                                                                                                                                                                                                     Every trip, every encounter, I learn something new. This time it’s the value of passion and achieving all you deem important while conveying a genuine passion.

When is the last time you met someone, who is genuinely bursting at the seams with excitement to share something valuable with you? It’s rare, isn’t it? I had the privilege of meeting and speaking to industry experts at ESMO 2016 who are passionate about what they do and that enthusiasm and passion is what drives them to care and strive for the best.

Taking into consideration that it’s hard to be passionate about a product that doesn’t inspire you, ESMO was a unique situation. We were having passionate discussions on how our products (both ours and theirs) improve, if not, save lives. Others around us would look and probably assume we are old friends just catching up, but the foundation was just as solid. Our products are high quality, life-changing, exciting and proven to be very valuable. What is there not to get excited about?

Without quality or value there is no foundation to support your passion. Luckily, working at IE, this has been made simple. The quality and value of our platforms and services is inherent and the rest comes naturally. I look forward to sharing why you feel passionate about your product and to reciprocate the feeling.                                                                                                                                                                                                                               quotes1

Our team of launch experts shares Krys’ feelings of passion coming from underlying value and quality. Get in touch to talk to us about the product you are launching and your passion to make it the best that it can be. We always enjoy discussing how we can help make this come true!