inspired employee of the quarter

Mownika is our latest inspired Employee of the Quarter winner.

Here’s her story…

When Mownika was younger, she wanted to work in horticulture.

She was inspired by the family farm she grew up on in India which was filled with exotic flowers, spices, and sandalwood.

Years later, her father encouraged her to expand her career horizons, and a degree in Computer Science Engineering beckoned.

When Mownika arrived in London to pursue new career opportunities, she applied for a developer role at IE. Little did she know that IE’s office hub was in an Oast House in the middle of a Kentish apple farm; she wasn’t quite sure what to expect.

Turns out for us, and her, it was the perfect match (apple orchards and all!).

Mownika is our latest winner of our Employee of the Quarter competition – as nominated by fellow teammates.

Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Dedicated, determined, persistent
  • Quietly supports all her teammates
  • Truly Inspired
  • Goes beyond her normal call of duty
  • Passion and teamwork
  • Always a smiley cheery face to keep our spirits up

When we asked Mownika, how she felt about working for IE, she became quite emotional…

She said, ‘I am here now because IE believed in me. They helped me settle in the UK. I will never forget how IE and members of the team have supported me. It’s not just a job, it’s so much more than that’.

Thank you Mownika for your lovely words and all your efforts to support Team IE!

Mownika has worked for IE for 3 years. She is a developer in our Technology team – creating fantastic new features for Ignite™, our intuitive Launch Management Platform.