Innovative Edge has recently started working with Kaush Gandhi who has just returned from working at Roche Global as an International Manager. Kaush has joined forces with IE to further develop our overall capabilities, ensuring we are remaining agile in our consultancy collaborations with clients.  He is also helping to deliver our latest version of Ignite with a precise focus on optimising the business functionality, content and relevance for local, regional and global clients.

Kaush is currently working with our clients collaborating on updating their launch roadmaps and aiding these companies in increasing overall engagement of their users.

Over the coming weeks, Kaush will be working with George Hammerton (IE Digital Director) and our development team by bringing his hands-on experience to delivering our latest release of Ignite.

After 3 years of living and working in Basel, Kaush has returned to the UK and he is ready to get stuck in to a new challenge.  As well as getting stuck into his new role, Kaush is having his family home currently re-modelled and in his spare time enjoys sports from playing squash, badminton and cycling to watching his young daughter play football for her local team.

Kaush is always up for a discussion about commercial launch strategies and capabilities, covering everything from cross-functional collaboration, diagnosing, managing and mitigating risk to embedding an organisational culture of launch excellence. Get in touch via LinkedInTwitter or via our Website.