KPIs: Understanding What is, and is Not Important When Delivering Local Launch Success

Today, we discuss the 3rd topic in our 5 Building Blocks to Launch Success series; key performance indicators (KPIs). KPIs are an important industry buzzword, but IE would like to bring attention to the need for clearly understanding success first, in order to arrive at what the agreed key performance indicators supporting a product launch should be.

illustration-kpisKPIs are usually seen through the lens of the launch plan with many linked back to the brand plan and typically focussed on brand objectives/targets. IE has had the opportunity to help clients articulate and define these by taking a holistic approach centred around brand, key activities and planning metrics.

Collaborating on the creation of relevant indicators with senior leadership and other internal stakeholders to share throughout the organisation increases understanding of targets and expectations throughout launch teams. Working together to regularly report on these also allows internal stakeholders to understand local progress and carefully plan/allocate resources to ensure critical milestones are met and launch progress is on track across both quantitative and qualitative key performance indicators.

Below illustrates a recent example of how IE have supported a large UK organization define their KPIs:


This is a topic our Launch Expertise team are passionate about, so whether you are implementing for the first time, or wish to reinvigorate your current KPIs, our workshops will ensure you get the best value through relevant and actionable collaboration.

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