Cubes with letters on gathered together to spell the word Forum to symbolise the Launch Excellence Forum

In our first Inspiring Leaders in Launch Excellence Forum, some of our clients, including BMS, Leo Pharma, Sanofi Genzyme, and Vifor Pharma shared their stories. We listened with eager ears.

Imagine if you could really ‘get under the skin’ of what pharma launch excellence means in practice.

Collate the common launch challenges happening right now, and evolve them into ideas for best practice.

That’s exactly what we did.….

In the twilight hours of a November night, we gathered together in a virtual Zoom room. We met with a select group of senior stakeholders to share launch learnings and mull over ideas.

The discussion from each was energetic, inspiring, and highly insightful.

Some of the challenges shared

  • Progress reporting is ‘too green.’
  • Launches are often ‘freestyling.’
  • The constantly changing paradigm of a launch portfolio
  • Creating KPIs that are valuable and measurable
  • No launch excellence beyond the platform (Ignite)

When we pulled all the threads together, we discovered a surprisingly aligned theme emerging.

  1. Reporting and KPIs
  2. One View of the Truth
  3. Change Management
  4. Changing Portfolios and Approaches to Launch

During the forum, the passionate and inspiring conversation continued, with participants sharing their ‘best practice’ learnings.

Best practice idea examples

  • One-page performance updates: Pilot with one product. Then roll out across the whole portfolio.
  • Develop as you go: 80% good enough. Then shape and evolve with input.
  • One system for launch excellence: One way of launching embedded into organisational memory, rather than an individual.
  • Use the same platform (Ignite™) for all KPI reporting: Directly link KPIs to the plan.

In conclusion, One area of mutual agreement across the group was a consistent, state of the art launch management platform with planning and reporting functionality. This was highlighted as a real benefit to both country and HQ teams, especially with the increasing challenges and complexity of launch.

Launch Excellence Forum Learnings

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