launch excellence in pharma

Seven years ago, we wrote an article about launch excellence in pharma that caught the eye of Google!

Today, if you Google ‘launch excellence’, our definition frequently appears as the top Featured Snippet. In other words, the most accurate definition on the internet.

You can read the full article and definition here, with our summary for success below:

All of the components reinforcing launch success should be well aligned, executed upon, with outcomes clearly defined and shared between relevant internal and external stakeholders.”IE Launch

This definition is just as true today, but what about the future of launch excellence?

Launch excellence in pharma – the future vision

Since Steve Marsh, our CEO, founded IE nearly 17 years ago, the launch landscape has become increasingly specialist, complex, and important.

In a post-pandemic world, we see a move away from the traditional launch model and an acceleration towards new experimental approaches to launch.

In the future, there will be more pressure to launch faster with an agile, aligned launch model, and clearly defined outcomes. Will there be an expectation to launch in 6 months for some therapies?

That is why a simplified, consistent approach to launch excellence is so important.

The formula for launch success

After many years in this complex launch environment, we have perfected a simple formula for launch success. A Launch EcoSystem™ that will underpin the future of all pharmaceutical launches.

So, what is this formula for success?…

Firstly, you need to focus on the plan. Create appropriate building blocks or a clear set of instructions that guides the whole cross-functional team.

Next, embed these into an intuitive launch management system so you enhance visibility, with a shared narrative. Harness technology to set and track your trajectory for launch.

Thirdly, you empower your launch team. You ensure those on the journey have the best launch leadership skills, agile mindsets, and true cross-functional collaboration.

Prepare for the future with IE

As we step into our 17th year as a company, we reflect on who we are and are excited by our future success as…

Leaders in launch excellence – Defining, owning, and delivering the key elements crucial for launch success.

Go-to product solution providers – A suite of technology solutions and complementary non-technology products (Plans and Teams) connected via our unique Launch Ecosystem™ approach to launch excellence.

Innovators in launch excellence technology through our core launch management platform Ignite™. Plus – investment in a programme of new, market-leading tech products.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you prepare for launch success:

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