launch planning building blocksMaking it Happen – In the 2nd blog of our 5 building blocks for certain launch success series, we bring attention to the need for effective launch planning.

Launch planning may be seen by some as a mundane task, as the list of activities and contributors to a successful local launch can be long and varied. At IE we work with launch teams at local, regional and global levels to understand and address each of their launch priorities. An agile and aligned launch plan is essential for executing a successful launch. We facilitate the optimisation of your launch plans, ensuring a simple, engaging output which is tailored to be region and therapy area specific.

framework for launch planning

The challenge for many launch leaders is to ensure all the steps for a successful launch plan are on track and delivered to the expected high quality. IE supports your launch with our configured launch management platform, Ignite, which allows launch teams to define, assign and monitor/measure task progression. Ignite is uniquely complemented with our integrated knowledge and supported by our teams’ experience of launching over 50 brands.

The Ignite platform facilitates effective best practice sharing and collaboration, both of which are seen as increasingly vital features of a launch program. Ignite’s features allow teams to share assets, plans and other launch materials. We have observed that teams of all levels collaborating in one real-time platform improves the quality and overall value of the launch activities while delivering a true benefit to the relevant parties, culminating in driving and delivering a successful local product launch.

Get in touch for further details about IE’s launch planning services including plan localisation, optimisation and feasibility analysis and learn more about Ignite features, and try a demo!

Up next in our series is one of our personal favourite topics – KPIs!