launch readiness review

Does this sound familiar?…your regular launch readiness review is coming up, so you pull the team together to discuss the plan of action

How should you position the launch status and challenges?

Where are your launch vulnerabilities?

How much information should you share/not share?

For the next two weeks, you carefully craft a slide deck via multiple iterations and local leadership reviews, ready for the big day. This all takes time away from the actual launch itself, and in a couple of weeks, the whole thing starts again. Why? Surely there is a better way? There is! Here’s how…

Launch readiness review steps for success

launch readiness review

Firstly, it’s important to adopt an attitude and approach where all issues are aired openly and honestly, without fear of comeback. After all, we’re all on the same team and want the best for the launch. This doesn’t happen by chance and therefore an upfront agreement regarding ‘ways of working should be implemented. ‘Curiosity’ and timely ‘two-way’ dialogue between global and local teams, to better understand the issues and develop effective solutions, is key for a successful launch.

Secondly, if you work with a Launch Management Platform like Ignite™, Global/ Regional/ Local Matrix launch teams can choose to have just one plan with a single version of reality. Risks of delays to milestones, activities, and dependencies are made clear and action plans to address these can be captured directly in the plan. With a clear suite of exportable dashboards and reports, you won’t need separate slide decks, and the need for political framing of issues is reduced. Ultimately, time is instead spent on driving launch preparedness and commercial success.

Thirdly, the support of a Launch Excellence Partner, who has commercial launch experience and a specialism in project management. They can identify better practices, gaps, and bottlenecks to support leadership and commercial teams focus on their key deliverables. Focused on the launch process rather than content, and often working across multiple launches and markets, Launch Excellence Partners communicate consistently with both global and local markets, ensuring there are no unwelcome surprises as you prepare for launch, or during your launch readiness reviews!

How we can help

We know how important it is to ‘get launch right’. We also understand how challenging it can be to connect the critical components of launch success together. Find out how our unique Launch EcoSystemapproach connects the inter-related components of plans, technology, and teams together to make a difference to your launch:

About Andrew

Andrew is an Associate in our Launch Excellence Partner team. He supports clients with his wealth of pharmaceutical brand management and launch implementation experience at global, regional, and local levels. He has worked at Novo Nordisk, ALK Abello, and GN Hearing.