Terminologies which have surfaced within the pharma industry from recent developments along with Launch Excellence, are Launch Capabilities and Launch Readiness. So what are these terms and how do they differ to Launch Excellence?

In our previous blog – ‘Defining Launch Excellence’, we defined Launch Excellence as being;

“Launch Excellence is considered as the state an organisation achieves when all of the components reinforcing launch success are well aligned, executed upon, with outcomes clearly defined and shared between relevant internal and external stakeholders.  It is a repeatable state meaning applicability across all future launches.”


Therefore, if Launch Excellence is the state when all the components are aligned, it is the components that pharma would refer to as Launch Capabilities. This may be a person who holds a lot of expertise and knowledge in a particular area, or it may be a defined framework for a process or a resource that supports an area. Whether it is a physical tool, resource or even an attitude towards launch, this contributes towards the organisation’s capability to launch a product to market at the required level and timeframe.

Launch Readiness, like Launch Excellence, is more of a state in itself than a definable area/process. While Launch Capabilities are the areas that need to be embedded to ensure a launch happens, Launch Readiness is more the state that these capabilities need to perform at to ensure the launch happens at the maximum standard to achieve Launch Excellence. Examples of capabilities displaying launch readiness include:

  • Having the right people in place through global, regional and affiliate levels, to manage, track and support the launch process and get the company’s message to the people who need it.
  • Having a process in place which can be followed by launch teams no matter what hierarchy, geography or therapy area, giving them understanding of the standard that needs to be achieved along with prioritising the order of activities to enable a smooth launch.
  • Having a platform – be it physical or not. This platform needs to allow active tracking and discussions between hierarchies and business areas to maintain the strategic direction of the launch, while also allowing any barriers to be brought up and tackled swiftly.

In an industry where market situations are ever evolving, it may be the case that a company needs to have more flexible launch capabilities in order to ensure launch readiness can be achieved. Launch Excellence is not just about ‘perfecting’ the launch process for current market conditions but preparing and adapting for the launch process essential for future conditions.

Get your Launch Capabilities focused and aligned, bring them to life with your Launch Readiness and you are on your way to Launch Excellence!

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Next up in our series, we will be assessing why Launch Excellence is important in the current times and how it benefits companies as a whole. Have an opinion? Join the discussion!