So far we have talked about the emergence of Launch Excellence as a term and as a role
within pharmaceutical companies. But how do we start defining Launch Excellence?

Where do you start on such a task as defining a term? Well obviously…Google. When I typed into google “define: Launch Excellence” this is what appeared …

defining launch excellence

If we say from this definition that Launch Excellence is the conclusive stage of recognising when a launch has met all the companies’ standards for best practice, what does that look like?

We have discussed in our previous blog ‘Living Launch Excellence – A History Lesson’ that the term has developed along with the changes in the industry and in turn changed the way that companies launch drugs. However, the aim of launches is still the same –  get the right message to the right people at the right time! Therefore, what we need to look at in order to start defining Launch Excellence is what the ‘perfect’ launch would look like…

  • Companies must determine their plans for pre, during and after launch, define their objectives and goals for all these stages and plan with sufficient time to successfully achieve these goals.
  • Pre-launch preparation needs to build evidence for targeted messaging and build relationships with key stakeholders and opinion leaders to align this messaging.
  • The strategic launch plan needs to consider the above definition statement further for the ‘difference between success and usage restriction’ by assessing the market and the product’s ability to grow within current conditions.
  • All elements for launch need to be aligned at the launch date in order to set the long term success of the launch, which is very often set within the first 6 months.
  • Once good preparation and aligned launch has been implemented, key measures must be tracked post launch in order to track the future potential for the product.

Understandably, there are many more processes that need to be supported to achieve every launch goal, but by streamlining the method at each stage, this will allow individual launch teams to better understand how to achieve their objectives and will ultimately drive towards global and affiliate alignment of launches. One key element for defining Launch Excellence in a company is the sharing of best practice between global and affiliate launch teams in order to continue the pattern on to Launch Excellence as an organisation.

As a conclusion, if we were to summarise the ‘perfect’ launch to give us a clear definition for Launch Excellence it would be:

“Launch Excellence is considered as the state an organisation achieves when all of the components reinforcing launch success are well aligned, executed upon, with outcomes clearly defined and shared between relevant internal and external stakeholders.  It is a repeatable state meaning applicability across all future launches.”

In conclusion – Launch Excellence is not a simple term to define (as you can see by the long definition above!) In order to cover all the complexities that Launch Excellence incorporates, there are many components of the definition itself.

What do you think of our brave attempt in defining Launch Excellence? Do you agree with us or have a different view? We are keen to discuss.

Up next we will be discussing the emergence of further terms that have developed within the industry along with Launch Excellence; Launch Capability and Launch Readiness.

Can you tell us of any terms which are used within your company or role which have emerged over the last few years? What do these terms mean to you and your daily work? Let us know!