To round up our series on Living Launch Excellence, which has included us starting to define Launch Excellence, exploring it’s origins and why it has become such an important element of the industry, I wanted to let you know IE’s approach to working with our clients on understanding their needs and their vision for making Launch Excellence ‘Live’ within their organisations.

We believe that Launch Excellence isn’t just about imposing processes from the top down, but working with different levels to understand the user’s needs and aligning teams on how they can work together to optimise their launches.

As a specialist agency, we bring the expertise and experience of working both within the industry and also externally with several major launch brands, which allows us to assess launch plans with an objective view. We really enjoy working together with our clients to discover the best approach for them and their launch teams.

Our CEO Steve Marsh is passionate about discovering alternative methods to engaging launch teams and strengthening how they communicate with each other.  This can include exploring simpler methods of tracking and reporting on objectives, and embedding a culture of best practice for optimisation of future launches within the organisation. Steve is our “Icebreaker” who revels in the exploration and charting of new lands. Talk to Steve and we are certain the passion in him will be contagious!

IE’s Commercial Director, Jason Bryant has a keen eye for the details and relishes the opportunity to work closely with teams during workshops and road-mapping sessions to bring to life the most crucial and measurable elements of the launch for you. As an ex-consultant himself, Jason likes nothing better than helping clients realise their needs comprehensively before focusing these into a crystal clear requirements specification that the delivery can be measured against and the Account Team aligned to.

Our Digital Director, George Hammerton has a (unusually obsessive) need to simplify the user experience for the launch teams. With launch usually being a very complex process, it is imperative that users are engaged with their solution and therefore only use their precious time for the important tasks ahead of them. George is currently working on our latest version of our Ignite platform, to be launched in Summer 2016 and he can’t wait to show it to you!

From workshops to professional services including digital platform training, we pride ourselves on our approachable and knowledgeable customer service. IE’s Customer Service Manager, Vanessa Larney, always has a proactive approach to ensuring our clients have all the support they need to make the best use of the digital platform, again allowing the user to make sure they use their time for their most relevant and valuable tasks. It just so happens she is also fluent in Portuguese, which helps build close relationships when working with some of our global clients in emerging markets.

With all of our team being experts in their fields and embodying the passion we have for our work, we bring this to IE’s approach in collaborations with our clients and hope to excite and inspire you to ‘live’ Launch Excellence.

We have a proven IE’s approach which allows us to naturally simplify your process and allows your teams to concentrate on the critical tasks for the success of your launch.

Firstly, we work to assess your current and future plans and really get to the details which require focus and optimisation in order to develop Launch Excellence within your teams. Then, once a thorough plan has been developed from our senior team collaborating with you we support the implementation of this plan into your organisation and make sure all levels of users are engaged with any new frameworks or platforms. This is where our digital launch platform, Ignite, comes into play.

Finally, we verify and fine-tune the execution of these new approaches within your teams, ensuring that they deliver on the potential identified for your launch teams and enhance the wider teams in their drive for success in all future launches.

This explains a small part of who IE are and how we aim tailor IE’s approach to carry out our vision of making Launch Excellence a more natural and simple process in your organisation by conveying our expertise, knowledge and passion. We pride ourselves on our trusted relationships with our clients and helping the aspiration towards Launch Excellence with you!

To give you a deeper understanding of IE’s approach and what IE stands for, stay tuned for our conclusion to our Living Launch Excellence Series – an interview with our CEO Steve Marsh on the topic that he felt so passionately about that he founded IE 10 years ago, and has stayed passionate about the work we do to improve our clients’ outcomes.