In the pharma community we all have our different ideas of what we mean by Launch Excellence …

But what is it and how do you get it?

Can anyone really define Launch Excellence? Well we are courageous enough to try!

Through a series of blogs, we hope to come closer to the meaning of Launch Excellence and how you can make it ‘Live’ in your company.

We will be exploring how the term Launch Excellence came to be, comparing Launch Capability with Launch Excellence and sharing IE’s vision of Launch Excellence in our upcoming blogs so stay posted!

To help us in our quest, we want to hear your views and experiences;

  • Do you think Launch Excellence is a vague term to describe something mythical or do you completely relate to the term and think it is an achievable state within a pharma company?
  • Do you think Launch Excellence is an important focus in your company and if so what is the desired outcome from achieving this?
  • Is there a right or wrong answer? Should everyone be able to interpret Launch Excellence in their own way?


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