Cat & George wedding car back

Hello reader, George Hammerton here, some of you will already know me as our Digital Director and the man responsible for the Ignite launch management platform.

Today I wanted to share something a little bit different and more personal on here than usual. You see, Cat (our Market Access Advisor) and I have something a bit special to tell you.

The two of us first met around 9 years ago whilst studying for our degrees at Keele University. After many years together, we became engaged last year and started planning for our ‘Big Day’.

Last month the countdown was finally up, so we dragged all of our friend and family across the country to the middle of nowhere (Cardigan, West Wales) and on Saturday 20th August (2016) we were married, at long last becoming Mr & Mrs Hammerton!

Cat & George wedding car back

Some of the IE team joined us to celebrate and were found keenly (possibly too keenly) throwing confetti, toasting champagne, and dancing the night away!

For any ‘normal’ company this would be exciting news but at IE, started by Steve and Helen Marsh, where we’re as much a family as we are a group of colleagues, a company wedding like ours holds a special significance.

We both had the most wonderful, magical, day together; not only exchanging vows but also sharing a fantastic day of fun and laughter with all of the people who mean the most to us in the world. All before heading off on our honeymoon, to live happily ever after.

We returned to work this week, bringing with us a nearly endless supply of wedding cake for the office and are as keen as ever to get stuck in to our next project!

With love from Mr & Mrs Hammerton