Ideas board envisioning marketing planMarketing Plan: Galvanising the Local Organization to Ensure Launch Success

In the penultimate instalment of our 5 Building Blocks for Certain Launch Success blog series we discuss the key activity of your Marketing Plan. In our experience, the marketing plan is a key activity usually anchored and/or derived from the global plan. An important local task is to develop your go-to-market strategy and tactical program.

IE have a unique holistic view by understanding that the marketing plan is not only essential for launching a product but also a key component in galvanizing the local organization into a shared vision and objective. Recognised for innovative thinking, IE support our clients though a collaborative and inclusive process as illustrated in a recent example:

stocksnap_vzh62vr0a8IE took the launch team on a journey leveraging key insights to highlight the landscape two years ahead. Driving the discussion on what would be the right marketing plan, IE aided in the alignment of different internal stakeholders to an agreed common vision and roadmap. This brand today is achieving the market leadership envisaged at the workshop.

Coming up in the last of the 5 building blocks that can underpin a successful launch, we look at insights and the power of truly understanding our customers, market and or competitors.

In the meantime, Contact us to discuss how working with IE can bring alignment and excitement around your local launch plans!