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David – Our MD

Our MD David shares his latest thoughts in our ‘Musings of an MD’ blog series…

According to the renowned neuroscientist Matthew Lieberman, our need to connect with other people is ‘even more fundamental, more basic than our need for food or shelter’; that’s quite some statement.

Whether you agree to that extreme or not, in these strange Covid times, whilst that vital ‘in-person’ connection with others has been temporarily quashed by social-distancing, we are desperately seeking alternative ways to authentically connect.

For me, when times are tough, acts of kindness go a long way. Stories of hope inspire me. Similarly, the importance of humanity is what motivates me to help others and connect with them.

The wider world

In the wider world, I have watched the events of the recent months with horror, fascination, abject despair in parts, but always something comes to the fore that provides hope. First, the development of multiple Covid vaccines in record time; witnessing first-hand the dedication and perseverance of our clients developing new treatments, offering a beacon of hope that the science will win. Second, the inspiration of individuals like the youngest-ever Inauguration poet Amanda Gorman; wise beyond her years, and a symbol of humanity and hope with her eloquent, uplifting words.

Humanity is a strange beast, capable of such horror but also incredible kindness, innovation and hope.

Times are indeed tough, for so many.  Health, happiness and success aren’t freely available at the moment.  Small wins can sometimes be all that can be achieved.

At work

I look at the people I choose to work with.  They are kind, genuine and caring.  This transcends the business goals we have and makes the difference.  There are no egos, no winning at the expense of others, just a common purpose driven approach.

At IE, we do what we do because we genuinely care about what we do and each other.  Yes we have values of ‘Passion, Team and Courage’ but more we are kind, compassionate and show humanity at its best.

We have adapted to the ‘Covid world’ of remote virtual working and are probably closer than ever through simple acts of connection and kindness.  I know I speak for the good people I have the pleasure to work with, that you know when you are in the right team because it feels like a family, not just a team.

About David

David joined IE a year ago. He inspires us with his team leadership mentality, commercial excellence acumen, and his superb sense of humour.

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If you would like to contact David, or another member of the IE team, we would love to hear from you: launch@innovative-edge.com