new launch excellence partner

We are delighted to welcome Andrew Mooney, our new launch excellence partner. Andrew joins our IE team with a wealth of pharmaceutical brand management leadership experience at global, regional, and local levels. He has worked at Novo Nordisk, ALK Abello, and GN Hearing.

Andrew, what piqued your interest to join IE?

Personal endorsement from an IE colleague I knew from a previous role, and upon further research, the company’s vision and values really resonated with me. My role here offers the perfect opportunity to leverage my international and local experience in a very tangible way, in order to lift launch capabilities.

In my view, launch is perhaps the most exciting and crucial element of working in pharma and now I get to work with it 100% across a range of clients. W

As a new Launch Excellence Partner – how will you be helping clients?

Working on a launch, while in many cases still supporting current business, means that clients are extremely busy. Sometimes they are so deep in the business and working at such a pace that a client can miss perspective. I believe that it’s my role to provide that perspective by understanding their needs, analysing the plans, and asking those pertinent questions which will inspire new thinking and identify gaps or issues that need to be addressed. The result of my involvement should be a more connected and collaborative launch team that will leverage Ignite™, our launch management platform to create a robust launch plan to maximise launch impact

Outside of work, what is your inspiration?

Family is an obvious answer, but in these strange corona times, I’ve come to understand that even more clearly. I’m British (and newly Swedish) and live in Malmö, Sweden. Consequently, I haven’t been home to visit the UK side of the family for over a year now. On the positive side, I have had more time to be with my Swedish family, which I’ve valued immensely. Outside of family, I’m a little obsessed with being physically active. I love CrossFit, running, and golf and try to do some form of exercise every day. Lastly, I’m desperately trying to improve my embarrassingly poor Swedish language skills via an online evening course.

If you would like to find out how our launch excellence partner team can help you with your launch, please email