New recruit Martin

We know it’s not easy to join a company during a national lockdown.

However, new recruit Martin Lambert has already impressed us with his industry knowledge, positive team spirit and inspired ideas. We asked Martin to share his experience of working for IE so far…

What inspired you to join IE?

IE’s unique and differentiated offering. Their expertise is a strong fit with my experience and skill set. IE deliver strong results and clients are naturally attracted to our holistic launch EcoSystem approach.  A healthy and growing business, which is making a real difference, it is definitely the place to be!

How have you found your experience of joining us during a lockdown?

Interesting! Joining a new team, but not being able to meet people in person is a challenge.  Having said that, functionally we have been able to achieve everything we need through remote interactions and everybody has been so helpful and welcoming.

What’s impressed you the most about working for IE?

The Ignite launch management platform has really blown me away. The Ignite technology is crafted for pharmaceutical partners and driven by their needs. It is easy to see why it has been at the heart of outstanding local, regional & global launches. Ignite is not standing still either because IE are constantly evolving and improving the platform based on continuous client feedback.

Anything unexpected?

Just love the team activities, which make IE a really fun place to work.  Everybody is working hard, but the remote ‘Huddles’ and ‘tea breaks’ mean that there is a real sense of community and an ideal environment to share best practice.

What are you most looking forward to working on?

Spreading the word! I will spend a significant proportion of my time talking with partners to understand their requirements and recommend solutions. Hopefully, this will contribute to inspiring the implementation of many more product launches to come!

About Martin & IE

Martin Lambert joins us a Launch Implementation Partner. Martin has an extensive career in pharma with many years’ experience working at MSD and J&J in senior country sales & marketing roles, as well as above country at an EMEA level.

At IE, we inspire excellence in launch. We are passionate about supporting our pharmaceutical clients with launch excellence counsel, capability development, project management and the ‘best in class’ launch management technology, Ignite.

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