2019 has been the most successful year EVER for IE!

We’ve secured a significant number of new clients, hired a lovely bunch of new staff, and, have continued to build exciting new offerings to enhance client launches. In fact, we’ve grown so much that we’ve had to rewrite our vision to meet new ambitions. More on this in the New Year!

Why we smashed 2019

“Clarity and simplicity are the antidotes to complexity and uncertainty”

Complexity and uncertainty have been significant themes of 2019, both politically for the UK and in the Pharma world. Launch teams are now having to launch more medicines with significantly fewer resources, less time and no certain future. As a result, clients are asking for our support now more than ever to help them be more agile, consistent and collaborative in driving launch success more efficiently.

One of our main highlights from the year, was partnering with a couple of clients to help them define and deliver a clear, simple, and consistent ‘way of launching’ from -2 years to + 2 years post-launch, for both Global and local launch teams.

How we did it

We sharpened our focus on their whole launch world and used our collective skills, experience and assets to:

    • Advise on & develop their launch strategy
    • Hold in-depth discussions, focus groups, interviews and workshops to build their company-wide launch excellence framework for both Global and affiliates
    • Apply the framework to their leading brands by co-creating and validating their launch project plans using the new tools and processes we designed
    • Implement their launch project plans through our online, simple but collaborative project management tool, Ignite
    • Co-create their ultimate launch handbook for all launch teams to include clear guidance on governance, ways of working and how to apply the above assets to different types of launch
  • Provide training and support to bring the above to life.

The results?

They both ended their 2019 with their own consistent, transparent and collaborative ‘way of launching’ and we are continuing to support the roll out to their local markets in 2020.

“A big thank you! The feedback was very positive, and opinions were that finally, we are doing something smart for placing ourselves on the very right track in regard to launch process”
— Head of Launch Excellence, Global Commercial Operations, Mid-sized Pharma

Demand and Evolution

With big ambitions to achieve but fewer and fewer resources available, by far our most popular request this year has been for dedicated IE Launch Excellence Project Management support. Our clients have been so impressed with the resulting outputs that they have signed up for longer-term support into 2020! As a safe pair of hands, our LEx project managers share best practice, implement and manage launch plans in Ignite and facilitate cross-functional collaboration, becoming a very welcome extended member of any launch team.

When speaking about the support received from one of our launch project managers

“We simply could not have achieved what we have achieved this year without you, it has been great to have someone experienced in Global launch who is also able to keep us all on track from a project management perspective – thank you!”
— Global Commercial Lead, Large Multinational Pharma.

We are also particularly proud of the additional 900 users of our online, collaborative launch tracking tool, Ignite. Six more clients and many more teams are reaping the benefits of being able to easily view, access and track their launch progress across different functions, countries, medicines and indications. Our Ignite development team have worked extremely hard this year evolving Ignite. They have delivered many new exciting and intelligent features and constant performance upgrades, including cross plan dependencies with advanced auto-scheduling and a slick download suite that allows users to quickly and impressively summarise and manipulate their launch progress in PowerPoint or Excel.

“Oh wow, that is really, really impressive! …It is a very sophisticated approach and you have taken this to a whole other level. I can’t wait to get my hands on it”
— Director of Global Launch Excellence, Top 10 Global Pharma

“We’re very impressed, great job in the ability to produce something that is practical and visually engaging.”
— Head of Global Brand Excellence, Top 5 Global Pharma

We are working on many more new and exciting features for Ignite in 2020 and will be engaging with all our clients to find out their thoughts and needs in a machine learning space for launch. We’ll be in touch!

More happy 2020 news

“You don’t build a business – you build people – and then people build the business.”

At IE, we love being a part of your launch worlds and helping you shape your launch plans and how you execute them to achieve launch success. Most important of all, we are extremely passionate about supporting the people – the teams and individuals – behind each launch. Their behaviours, beliefs and attitudes massively influence how well they engage, commit and perform in their drive to deliver launch success.

With this in mind, our new culture and engagement lead and many of the IE team have dedicated the latter part of 2019 to best understand your people and their behaviours within their varying launch environments. As a result, we now believe the secret to riding your way to launch success could be as simple as riding this bike.

Working with experts in behavioural neuroscience and team engagement we are committed to putting your people at the forefront of all that we do in 2020 and we encourage you to do so too!

More on this in the New Year, but for now, from us all at IE, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.