Over the Christmas period I’m sure that everyone has had their fill of roast potatoes but have you ever considered how a roast potato can be considered as similar to a brand launch in pharma? No? Well let’s run with it for a moment and delve into Innovative Edge’s brand launch recipe…

I’m sure each of you have your different ideas of a perfect roast potato and got to that conclusion from your previous experiences of the ‘not so perfect’ roasties.

So how did you get to your perfect roastie? Research? Trial and error? Family surveys?

Each Christmas roast is like your own individual launch. Too much experimentation with the cooking methods could mean the potatoes being cooked before or after all the other elements of the roast.

Then you found your perfect roastie – crunchy on the outside, fluffy in the middle. Timed to perfection with the family wanting more.

Similar to a brand launch recipe, the perfect roast potato has to be assessed and refined. The ideal process, once honed and tested, should be enshrined for the future.

Once you have your perfect roast potato, you should write down the recipe to preserve this for future roasts and future generations. Pass on your experiences and expertise.

We know that no brand launch is the same so you can’t always follow the same recipe rigidly. Once you have done your research and implemented your perfect framework, this will need to be enhanced or tailored for each brand in order to be relevant and optimal. This may depend on your audience, and can be viewed as who will be eating the meal, what you will be serving with your potatoes and even the seasoning that you need to compliment the other garnishes.

One key element of launch excellence within an organisation is the ability to preserve knowledge and learnings from past launches. Once you have done the research, cooked your different types of dinner with the perfect roast potatoes to compliment each, on a regular basis, and passed this recipe down to future generations – there you have it, the perfect brand launch recipe!

Assess, Implement, Connect.

If this blog has whet your appetite, have a look at our services at www.innovative-edge.co.uk (no potatoes mentioned)

If this post has made you want to perfect your potato, check out Heston’s search for perfection here on YouTube

No potatoes were harmed in the writing of this blog.