Being efficient with launch project management has never been more important. If you take the right steps from the start, it can transform your whole launch.

Here, we share our recommendations for the 6 simple steps you can take to optimise yours:

1: Create a structured project management approach to your launch e.g ensure you give attention to all 4 stages of the project lifecycle… Initiation, Planning, Tracking, and Closing.

2: Clearly define (and mutually agree on) project team roles and responsibilities

.3: Ensure ‘early buy-in’ – engage all stakeholders in the launch project kick-off meeting

4: Track launch timelines – and agree on how to correct them when they go ‘off-track’

5: Define your launch readiness criteria in the form of pre-launch KPIs and assess your progress against these on your ‘journey to launch’. Flag or escalate if you are not on track to meet one or more of them

6: Keep a close eye on potential risks and issues related to your launch

The launch project management lifecycle

Ensure your launch excellence project manager takes the lead on implementing your launch processes.

A good LEx project manager will monitor team morale and will also act as another set of eyes and ears for the medicine’s lead.

Moreover, he or she should have a thorough understanding of the 4 stages of the project management lifecycle which are critical success factors for launch:

  • Initiation
  • Planning
  • Tracking
  • Closing

It can be tempting to skip the Initiation part, but this is actually the most important stage. If you get this right, it sets the scene for the rest of your launch.

During the Initiation stage, you should create a clear and comprehensive Project Charter which outlines: Team roles and responsibilities, agreed ways of working, a communication strategy and an agreed governance procedure. This eliminates any ambiguity and provides focus and clarity for the whole launch team.

How early on should you implement this process?

Have you already appointed your Commercialisation Lead to the medicine? If so, this is the perfect time to establish your project team. Top tip: Ensure your R&D lead provides a thorough handover as part of this process.

How can IE help you?

IE is a launch excellence organisation with 15+ years of experience. We work in partnership with pharmaceutical companies of all sizes at Global, Regional, and Affiliate levels.

We provide launch excellence counsel, capability development, project management, and a ‘best in class’ Launch Management Platform (Ignite™).

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