What do you find more powerful – to explain the warmth of the sun or feel it? To discuss the innovation of new technologies or see them first hand? Have you ever had to explain a passion of yours and realised it is simply impossible to cover it’s true significance in words? Sometimes you just need to show it to share a true understanding.

Take for example Space X landing attempts. How in the world do you describe with the same impact the attempts to land a 30 storey re-usable rocket, vertically, on a floating platform in the sea?! A 15 second YouTube clip of the landing is significantly more exciting and astonishing than any description, let alone the fiery failed attempts at landing. If you haven’t seen any yet, YouTube them and take in the visual impact for yourself.

Similarly, demonstrations of our launch management platform – Ignite, have given us the insight that it simply has to be seen to believe it’s full value. The description of a ‘launch management tool’ diminishes the innovation, thought and effort over years that has gone into bringing it to life and the praise it receives after demonstration or implementation. It simply is much more powerful to show the platform’s ability to simplify the launch process and align launch teams. This visual demonstration begins to inspire the vision in our clients’ minds, of just how much value Ignite can bring to their launch.


Recently, while attending the World Congress on Gastrointestinal Cancer (WCGIC) in Barcelona the effect of showing and sharing IE’s tools and fresh ideas for launch, rather than explaining was asserted in my mind. The demonstrations of Ignite only needed to be short but the value perceived was immense. The validated launch frameworks embedded in Ignite, allowed my audience to relate to situations they may have experienced and imagine what it would have been like if they had Ignite to aid in their delivery. Words like intuitive and user-friendly are a sample of what was fed back to me without prompt, but hey, why am I trying to tell you – Let me show you!!

Written by Krys Nowak – Business Development Manager

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