George Hammerton, IE’s Digital Director, is always thinking about how we can continue ensuring our digital platform Ignite gives our clients a great user experience. So when he comes across an experience such as the one he describes below, it gets him thinking about all the little things that can make a good user experience into a great one.

“User Experience design is often about subtleties but let’s get started with an obvious example which we can all relate to – plastic moulded packaging. Recently I bought myself a new pair of scissors, they were nothing fancy but encased in thick, clear, plastic packaging – very pretty.
Quickly a problem became apparent, by design the packaging was melted closed and so closely moulded to the scissors that there was no way of getting into them without already having a pair of scissors.

Scissor-less, you can imagine my growing frustration as I attempted to tear, swear, and chew my way into the packaging, with the stark knowledge that the solution to my problem – opening the scissors – was smugly staring back at me from within the packaging itself. Needless to say it made for a very frustrating, negative experience and reeked of non-customer focused design.

I’m assured in the knowledge that I’m clearly not the first person to run into frustrating packaging, and in fact is such a common issue that in 2008 Amazon introduced a new initiative which they called ‘Frustration Free Packaging’ or ‘FFP’ for short.

The introduction of FFP allowed manufacturers to ship their products in simplified cardboard packaging which provided just as much protection in transit but made accessing the items themselves far more pleasant once they were received by the customer.

You can see how one change like this doesn’t create a positive User (Customer) Experience in itself but when you make hundreds of deliberate, positive choices like this you craft positive experiences. UX design is all about taking a truly holistic approach to everything a product, service and business does.

At Innovative Edge we’re driven by a deeply ingrained passion for crafting outstanding experiences for the customers of our business, the users of our software and the people we partner with, one step at a time.”

George will be leading our upcoming blog series “How do you solve a problem like…”, where we will be describing some features of our launch platform that have been specifically designed to solve users’ frustrations of using out dated or over-complicated process and technologies and replace it with our user friendly, just as comprehensive, but less complicated digital launch platform Ignite.

If you have had any user experiences which have left you feeling frustrated, share them with us. IE love to explore new ways to resolve problems.