On our most recent Company Day, the IE team took advantage of the trailing summer and tried our hands (and feet) at Foot Golf!

What is Foot Golf? I hear you say. Well some of us asked the same question, and found that the answer is simple really – over an 18-hole golf course, the idea is to get the football in the (larger) hole, in as few kicks as possible.

So after a morning of open discussions about our ideas for innovation, we got our trainers ready and teed off. I can safely say that some team members exceeded expectations, expertly navigating the ball around obstacles, while some team members… did not.


Even though we were split into teams, a cross-team collaboration opportunity soon arose, when a rogue kick delivered the ball into the nearby river. With the aid of a few golf flags for reach, and after a few close encounters with the water, the rescue operation was taken to another level. One brave colleague was held by the ankles, upside down, the ball was successfully fished out and the game could eventually continue.

When faced with a unique situation, creativity and some fresh thinking delivers impactful results. Our clients often remark that when they are faced with a unique situation or want confidence for the next drug launch, IE apply the same fresh thinking concept and implement focussed solutions to deliver results (without holding them upside down by the ankles). We take pride in our innovative way of thinking as it gives you the edge on the market. After all, it takes a lot of trust through a collaborative partnership in order to give a product that has considerable time and money invested and see it through to it’s optimal launch potential.

If you are faced with a unique challenge or have any suggestions of new activities for the IE team to try, send it our way.