Pharma launch planning

The foundation for success

Are you launch ready?

The foundations of any launch should be built from a clear and consistent set of ‘blueprints’ that connects the whole cross-functional team together.

A solid pharma launch planning foundation will help you map out all of the elements so you can easily identify:

  • What needs to be done.
  • How the elements will be tracked.
  • What are the key measures and KPIs?
  • Clear governance checkpoints on the journey.
pharma launch planning
A precise and cross-functional approach to launch planning is crucial for launch success.

Pharma launch planning – how we can help

Whether Global or Local, for a single launch, or a structure to enhance all future launches, there are many terms to capture how these blueprints are described. It can be confusing! Frameworks, launch project plans, roadmaps, launch archetypes, cross-functional plans to name a few.

Our simplified, collective term to capture all these elements is ‘Plans’. Moreover, we have a deeply experienced launch excellence partner team who are ready to help.

pharma launch planning
launch ecosystem

We can build all these elements from scratch, validate ones you already have, or enhance and incorporate industry best practices to ensure you have a strong launch planning foundation.

Our guidance is always contextual, based on your launch ambitions, available resources, therapy area, and product positioning.

However, Plans are just the foundation. A Launch EcoSystem™ only thrives when you combine these Plans with Teams and Technology.

We'd love to help you achieve the launch results you deserve.

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