Pharma Launch Project Management

Working together is success

One of the biggest challenges in the pharmaceutical industry is that everyone works in departmental silos.

Yet, we know that working well as a cross-functional launch team is the one component that consistently sets the 'best' launches apart from the rest.

Whether it's communication, collaboration, values or behaviours, skills and capabilities, mindset or attitude – all of these cultural dynamics fuel or hinder a launch far more than most realise.

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In our experience, well-oiled launch teams are the most challenging component to get right, yet the most frequently neglected.

That's why it's so important to work with a skilled pharma launch project management specialist to help you optimise your cross-functional team for launch success.

At IE, we call our team of specialists Launch Excellence Partners.

Pharma launch project management – our expertise

Our Launch Excellence Partners specialise in pharma launch project management. Each Partner has, on average, 20+ years of experience in their field.

We will bring together all the critical information about your launch, so it makes sense to you.

Moreover, our support is tailored to your individual team's needs.

We will help you identify the shared cultural anchors that inspire your team. Then, with this strong foundation, we can add layers to optimise your cross-functional launch team's ways of working.

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Our IE Launch Excellence Partner provides our cross-functional launch team with that peace of mind we need in the sometimes hectic build-up to launch. He works strongly behind the scenes with practical launch support – this is vital to keep us on track with so many overlapping and linked projects. In addition, he works on much of this before we even start our day – this is crucial in helping us achieve our launch success.

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How can a launch project manager help me?

A launch project manager is a safe pair of hands in the complex world of global, regional, and local launch team environments.

A launch project manager will:

  • Connect cross-functional launch teams together.
  • Empower teams and make sure that nothing slips through the launch net.
  • Creates clear roles and responsibilities to encourage effective communication, collaboration, and accountability.

Not only will they assess risk and impact to move your project forwards. They will also share their expert pharmaceutical industry knowledge to ensure your launch plan is the best it can be.

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